About Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad…


If you want to write more powerful advertising, you first need to understand what makes you feel something about advertising.

Have an opinion.

If you tell me on Monday that Bud Light’s ad with the monkeys was the best ad, tell me why.

Conversely, if you think a commercial stinks, tell me why.

Articulate your opinion. Strengthen your critical thinking muscles.

Small business owners – next week, as your local ad and media reps come a’ calling, ask ‘em what the most effective Super Bowl ads were. Then ask ‘em why. It’ll be a nice little test of their marketing chops.

If you’re part of an organization’s media or marketing team, do this:

On Friday, tell everyone they’re going to be asked to identify the most effective and least effective ads from the Super Bowl on Monday. Tell everyone they’re going to be required to explain why they feel the way they do.

Here are two great examples to get you started:

Enter Late and Leave Early Through Ritual by Jeff Sexton

Swim to Kansas by Roy H. Williams

This first time might be awkward. Exercising atrophied muscles hurts at first.

But you’ll get better, and so will your advertising and marketing.


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As CEO and Head Custodian of Miles & Company, Tim Miles helps owner-operated companies do more with less. He's the author of Good Company: Making It, Keeping It & Being It.

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    Couldn’t agree with you more. And thanks for the shout-out!