How To Be Awesome


Want to be awesome? Be like Bill or Spencer - who both emailed us this week. Bill Our friend, Bill Montgomery, helps run a way cool Contemporary Christian radio station called The River in Columbus, Ohio. Once or twice a month, Bill emails cool stories to me and Lynn... From: Bill Montgomery Date: April 22, 2014 at 6:54:44 PM CDT To: Tim Miles, Lynn Peisker As my favorite customer focused people on the planet, had to share this nugget from my friend (and former Acad Grad) Blaine … [Read more...]

Are These Your Monkeys?


I’m sick. I got my sister sick. I’m waiting for my wife and kids to get sick. How do you spell “waaaaah?" And yet, we’ve got to get the work done, you know? Here are some coping mechanisms I’m using to get stuff done this week and keep work time from going all Pac Man on personal time. I hope they help you, too. 1. Save your energy. Don’t put your dog into unnecessary fights. Say “no, thank you” more. 2. Pick the week’s big rocks. 3. Tackle the hard stuff first. 4. Unbuzz at … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Taking the 21-Day Happiness Challenge


  I’m not taking Tim's 21-Day Happiness Challenge. Why? Is it because I don’t want to be happy? No. Do I fear tarnishing my image as Company Curmudgeon? Of course not. (Get off my lawn!) Am I ticked off at Tim? Daily. But that has nothing to do with my unwillingness to participate. So why am I not joining the 21-Day Happiness Challenge? I know I won’t finish it.  I simply have too much on my plate. If I attempted to tackle this challenge, I’d come out of the the gate … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Fool

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As a noted expert on looking like a fool, I'm highly qualified to provide this list to you today. It's inspired by a poster my friend Ken shared on Facebook yesterday that listed the first three. 1. Don't promise when you're happy. 2. Don't email when you're angry. 3. Don't decide when you're sad. 4. Take 10 extra minutes. 5. Keep your mouth shut. Be a better listener. Think before you speak. Be mindful of not interrupting others. Like Scripture says: Even a fool, when he … [Read more...]

Take The 21-Day Happiness Challenge

Groucho Marx Kid

(On April 1, we started a little Facebook group for this. Come join us!) What if you could be happier… all the time? Wouldn’t that be kinda awesome? What if the office grump was happier… all the time? Wouldn’t that be even kinda awesomer? At the risk of sounding like an ESPN 30-for-30 special… what if I told you happiness was like a muscle? What if I told you it could be isolated and strengthened and honed to greatness like the hamstrings of a world-class sprinter? According to an … [Read more...]

How Not To Fill Out Your Bracket


WARNING: If you want to have any chance of winning your March basketball bracket, do NOT follow these tips. Thank you. Pick winning teams based on their school colors.  Copy a celebrity’s bracket. Because, y’know, celebrities know everything. Select only higher seeds. Select only lower seeds. Choose teams alphabetically. Pick your hometown team to go all the way… even if they’re a 14-seed. Pull names out of a hat. Upsets. Only upsets. Pick the funniest names. (i.e. … [Read more...]

Bill’s 10 Laws of Awesomeness

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You ever come across something on the Internet that, in a profoundly good way, stops your in your tracks? In "What Bill Knew," Michael Bierut, Senior Art Critic at the Yale School of Design, shares a delightful story about master designer, William Drenttel. Bierut writes: To my surprise, many people remembered — could even quote passages from — a single lecture he had given over 20 years ago, in his days as a business guy. I remembered it too, and I mentioned it to his wife, Jessica Helfand. … [Read more...]


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You can have flowers and candy. Me? For Valentine's Day, I'll give (and hope to receive) belief. Is there any greater gift than someone deeply, unshakably believing in you? Belief scales walls and breaks them down. Belief led us into the stars and under the sea. Belief lets there be light and gives us hope in times of darkness and hours of need. And belief is the subject of the greatest love song ever written. Who believes in … [Read more...]

2014 Super Bowl Party Game IV (for people who don’t care about sports)


For the fourth year in a row, The Daily Blur is proud to present The Super Bowl Party Game (for people who don't care about football). In an effort to spice things up and remember the real reason for the Super Bowl - Gambling enjoying the company of good friends - I've tried to come up with a quick and easy game for sports fans and the casual watchers alike that all the adults can fill out during pre-game. Here are 48 Questions - feel free to pick and choose your favorite ten, twenty, … [Read more...]

“We’re in a hurry!”


So the man brayed--several times--to his daughter, to the waitress, and to no one in particular. I'm in a restaurant at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, and I've just shared a smile with a security guard on her lunch break. I can't be certain, but I think we're smiling because we've both spent enough time in airports to know causing a scene: Won't make him feel any better Won't make anyone feel any better Will ruin the rest of his day--or more--if he lets it... and he … [Read more...]