Vacations Ruminations


I’m writing this barefoot while listening to Patty Griffin, drinking good coffee, and surrounded by family in the hills of South Carolina. There's a golf course outside my door. The Mobil station just up the road has coolers full of ice cold soda pop - including RC, Mountain Dew, and Coca-Cola - in glass bottles for under a buck apiece. Vacation does not suck. When not on vacation like this, I work crazy hard for three reasons: So I get to do this several times a year. So the rest … [Read more...]

Packing List


"Daddy, what are you doing?""I'm making a packing list for our upcoming vacation, Will. It helps me make sure I don't bring too much or forget anything."(Thinks...)"I should make one also." … [Read more...]

4 Life Lessons Learned Playing Scrabble


(Lynn is off staring at the ocean today. Originally, I was going to put up a picture of an umbrella and call it good, but our dear friend and all-around person of awesomeness Nancy Schneider posted this on Facebook over the weekend, and it was so great, I asked if I could share it. She obliged us. She’s a baller that way. I’m leaving in her hashtags because I like them. Take it away, Nancy!) [My husband] Tom and I play Scrabble with some frequency. I think it's been good for our marriage. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Our Independents


 This weekend, do us a favor.Enjoy one meal at a local, independent restaurant.Buy one gift for a friend at a local, independent retail store.And ask your friends to do the same.If you own a local, independent restaurant or store, do us a favor.Charm the pants of your customers this weekend. Don't just go the extra mile; go the extra marathon.Delight us so much we tell all our friends about you.This weekend, let's promise to remember that more convenient, faster, or cheaper … [Read more...]

4 Things Canadians Can Teach Us


Have you been to Canada? Do you know any Canadians? I am proud of my heritage, and I love the U.S., but I have a deep affection for the Canadians I know. If you’ve never visited, seriously put it on your list, and not just “it” because it’s, you know, pretty big, but at least a couple of its different provinces. But whether you visit the hip, urban metro of Toronto or the wide open spaces of Banff, you’ll generally experience a warm, helpful welcome from whomever you meet. Here are four … [Read more...]

Office Closed


The Daily Blur offices are closed Friday by order of Miles & Company’s Chief Jellybean Officer. We’ll be back Monday after an extended Daddy-Daughter weekend sure to include rainbows and unicorns and moonbeams and teddy bears and knock knock jokes and singing and dancing and ice cream and Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Wynn and Thomas and Addie the puppy. Here’s hoping you have moonbeams and teddy bears in your future, too. Here’s hoping everyone does. … [Read more...]

Charlie Update 2: Going Home


  Today is a good day. Today, we pack up the cards, letters, gifts, baseballs, stuffed animals, and balloons. Today, we gleefully leave behind the cafeteria food, 8-inch TV, and fold-out hospital chair/bed/torture device.  Today, we bid a fond farewell to the doctors, nurses, PCA’s, neurologists, and therapists who have become our second family.  Thirty-six days ago, my son had brain surgery. Today, he’s going home. The challenges remain. A long road of therapy lies … [Read more...]

The Nice Item


There is nothing not awesome about this. Lucy Li is 11 years old and lives in the Bay Area of California. The sixth grader is also the youngest qualifier in the history of The U.S. Open - the biggest women’s professional golf tournament in America, arguably the world. Lucy doesn’t have an entourage. Her parents shun the spotlight. She’s having fun. She shot 78 Thursday at Pinehurst #2 in North Carolina. She's eleven. SHE’S ELEVEN. When a reporter asked her in a post-round … [Read more...]

Autism & Golf Feature


I've written before about the special relationship my son and I have with each other and golf. Will, 9, is on the autism spectrum. I was blown away by this feature Jimmy Roberts put together for Golf Channel that ran yesterday. I shared it via email with my family and close friends. I wanted to share it with you, too. Click me if you can't see the embedded video filled with awesome. … [Read more...]

Summer In Canada


We're wrapping up a week of meetings in western Canada. I'm not sure you'll find a prettier place with nicer people. I highly recommend you make a summer visit here... but you should hurry. Click me if you can't see the embedded video full of awesome. … [Read more...]