How To Motivate Support Staff with Incentives

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Struggling to keep your support staff motivated? They may feel as if they do a lot of the work at your business, but don’t get any extra compensation for it. Here’s what you do. At the beginning of the year, hand out 4 cheques* to each staff member who doesn’t work on commission. Unsigned. $250 for 5% over sales target $500 for 10% over sales target $750 for 15% over sales target $1000 for 20% over sales target You sign them when the team hits each target. Here’s what … [Read more...]

Growth, Business Models & Saying “No”


We’re preparing to add three new divisions to our company. They were born on a napkin at Panera during an amazing company retreat last November. Growth’s exciting, but it can - ironically - also be devastating. If you climb too fast, you touch the sun, and you burn. Then you fall. Ask Icarus. We measure success quarterly using the Net Promoter Score system, and our last three quarters have yielded perfect 100s. We don’t want to jeopardize the client delight that helped us grow to where we … [Read more...]

21 Good, Fast, and Cheap Ways To Improve Your Company This Year

If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford quote

Whooosh. Suddenly, we're already in Q2 and last Christmas seems a lifetime ago. Before you know it, your company will scatter for summer stuff. Second quarter's when stuff gets done, yo. Like all bucket lists, the only thing that stands between you and checking stuff off them is execution. I hope you find them helpful! 1. Ask every employee for one suggestion on how you can make it easier for your customers and prospects to do business with you. 2. Reward those employees whose … [Read more...]

5 Key Steps for Long Range Career Success

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A successful career takes a long term plan and plenty of hard work along the way. Here are 5 steps for planning ahead for long range career success. I recently had coffee with a young friend just starting out in his career. He has people skills out the wazoo and is working with a business and product he believes in. He’s a snappy dresser and a genuinely nice guy. He’s already miles ahead of his peers in building a successful career. He doesn’t need my advice. But as the mother of people … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning


Once you’re secure in your goals and values, you have to look at how you’re going to accomplish your goals wearing those values. You need a strategic plan to create systems, policies and procedures that factor in not only your values, but also things like: your competition your market potential your limiting factors assets you may not be leveraging blind spots human resources If your goals are realistic, and your values are true, the strength of your strategic plan will … [Read more...]

Some Easy Math Homework For The Weekend

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Four Questions. Ready? Begin. 1. What’s the value of a customer over the course of her lifetime? I want you to picture a regular customer, and I want you to think about how much that customer’s average ticket is and how often they buy from you. Multiply the average ticket by number of visits between now and when she no longer needs what you sell. But you’re not done. Your customer-for-life has friends, doesn’t she? If you’re as good as she says you are, her friends are going to want to … [Read more...]

When You Don’t Have All The Answers


Ask the best possible questions. That's good advice until the end of time. These are the 31 strategic planning questions we ask of every client. Many of them are referenced and even given more depth in other parts of the blog, but this is the big list. It’s been refined over the years, and obviously context plays a big part of where our diagnostic sessions with new clients take us. But, for today, know simply that - if you’re willing to put in the time and do the work - these are the … [Read more...]

4 Steps for Managing New Business Stress

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Starting a new business is not unlike bringing home your new baby:   The sleepless nights, the fatigue, the constant attention to someone else’s needs to ensure it’s survival. Starting a new business is stressful. Here are 4 steps for managing the stress of your new business.  It's the same advice I gave a group of young moms about managing baby stress recently. It’s good advice for you too if you are nurturing a baby business. 1. Check your expectations. Starting a new business is hard. … [Read more...]

8 Ideas for Strategic Collaboration and Recognition


I recently had the opportunity to observe two great examples of strategic collaboration and recognition with a couple of great community partners. We are big on that around here at Miles and Company.  In the process, I discovered some great Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer applications for owner-operators. First, I attended a “Futures Conference” at my local community college. See, it’s time for the next long range strategic plan for Parkland College, so they did this genius … [Read more...]