On the Road: Thinking Strategically



Hiya. I’m on my first (brief) road trip since our daughter was born. Made a couple notes yesterday I thought shareworthy:

1. You’ll be so much better off when traveling if you force yourself to drink more water and less soda, coffee, and tea. Also, if you struggle with falling to sleep on the road, try a natural spray called melatonin.

2. My client knew a guy named Mike who – 27 years ago – told my client to constantly measure how much of his daily business is proactive and how much is reactive. He said to align those percentages with the Pareto Principle: You’ll be doing very well when no less than 80% of your day is proactive and no more than 20 is reactive. Seems pretty good application of the principle. We’re working toward that goal.

3. Radio advertising – used properly – still works mind-bendingly well for the right business in the right business category. Reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

4. At 2 pm this past (cold) Saturday, of the 57 HVAC companies in my client’s trade area, 5 answered their phones. Five. 11 more had recordings. 8 more had services. For more than half the phone just rang and rang and rang. I should amend #3 above to say “… for the right business in the right business category with the right competition.

5. Man, you’ve gotta think about how you measure success. I used to love to travel. Right now? I just miss my wife and kids.

Home tonight. More effective, efficient strategic planning tomorrow. You’ve been a great audience. Enjoy Harry Chapin:

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