1000+ The Back Nine: Weekend Reading for April 28th, 2012


In less than five days, more than 1000 people have watched the talk I gave at TEDxMU about our son.

That’s more than live in my hometown. That kinda freaks me out.

I’ve gotten emails from complete strangers, emails from old friends and made new friends as a result of this great gift known as Will.

Words pretty much fail except to say thank you for caring and sharing our message.

Oh, and to keep it in perspective, Will’s first marble race is at 57,224 views and counting.

What can I say? The kid kills it.

This Week’s Back Nine

The Back Nine are stories and videos and stuff I uncovered this week that I enjoyed and felt were worth sharing for your weekend reading.

Seth’s Blog: Don’t expect applause – (YES*1,000,000,000)

The Sorkin Way – I don’t need him to have his characters swear to love him, but I am thrilled he’s coming back to television. I feel about Sorkin’s writing the way Homer Simpson does about nacho cheese.

Three Man Chess Board – Geek. Alert.

Happy Birthday, Hubble: Celebrating 22 Years of Stunning Space Images – So flippin’ cool.

Clicky Keyboards – Please tape this to my children’s foreheads before Father’s Day. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

The Vortex – Idiot-Free Zone – Best writing you’ll read all week. Be sure to read the other sidebar pages, too. 86’d is my favorite. (H/T to my friend Dave Young for sharing.)

Outdated BCS finally embraces four-team college football playoff – and there was much rejoicing … but I’d still like it to be eight teams.

Dan McLaughlin quit his job to play 10,000 hours of golf - First, Midwesterners, not that Dan McLaughlin. Second, I’m not sure whether I love him or hate him.

Dome Shaped Bookshelf Suspended Over Home Office Space – (see also: flippin’ cool) (see also: Father’s Day) (see also: Homer Simpson & Nacho Cheese)


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  • http://www.jeffsextonwrites.com Jeff

    Dear Tim,

    Don’t let that clicky keyboard review fool you — the Apple Extended II Keyboard is the bomb diggity. BUT if you must have a firmer feel and louder click, the end all and be all of clicky keyboards is NOT the DAS but the IBM Model M keyboard that uses buckling springs and has a keystroke rating of, oh, a gazillion or so keystrokes. Most of these model keyboards are still in use, 3 or so decades later. You can read about them here:



    – Jeff