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Don't Be Afraid To Reveal Yourself OnlineI got introduced to Chris Brogan’s blog by my partner and noted freaking genius on marketing to women, Michele Miller.

He’s one of those few guys I almost don’t want to share with people. His stuff’s that good, but I’m sharing today’s post with you because it’s reinforcing principles Roy Williams taught us all five years ago about how communication patterns are swinging back toward different alignments.

Humility. Grace. Simplicity. Stripping yourself bare. Can you muster these values? Yes. You must muster.

I watched Brogan’s Last Bullet (tell me that’s not a movie title!) in action this morning:

Be there before the sale. The best way to drive stronger marketing experiences and convert people into customers is to be there long before you need something from people. Sure, it takes longer, but I’ve seen lots of situations where this is what brought in the big sale over another person. If your prospect feels like she knows you, it works really well.

The coffeehouse that serves as my de facto second office got hit up by two media advertising sales people who’d never, ever entered the front doors before this morning. I knew it. The owner knew it. All the regulars knew what industry they (caution: term used loosely) “served.” They didn’t get six words of their pitch out (I didn’t catch all of them, but one of them was most certainly ‘solutions.’) before the owner went into her (sadly) all-too-rehearsed dismissal.

Read all of them. It won’t take but a minute. You’ll probably agree it’s all pretty much common sense. You’ll also probably agree (sadly) that too few folks pay heed.

Allow fine folks to know you and see you real. Help them. It helps you even when it doesn’t help you.


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