Live Blog: Mommy’s Day Away

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One of us is an angel.

Like most mamas, Dee works really, really hard to make sure our children don’t eat each other.

Saturday, she set out for a richly-deserved day and night away from us. We hope she comes back.

I thought I would sorta try my hand at mommy-blogging while she was away so, when she got back, she could evaluate my performance.

Since I’m still very much a novice at solo parenting our two children at the same time (Will is 6, Sarah is 15 months), I posted facebook updates throughout the day in hopes my caring friends could help when needed.

How do you think we did? Do you think I rocked? I’m pretty sure I rocked. (If you can’t see the images, please click here.)

8:30 AM:

Mama's gone til tomorrow. Daddy Law has been imposed. Some things are gonna change 'round here. Suggestions welcome.

9:15 AM:

Need a ruling: Baby Sarah just unleashed hell in her diaper. The thought of changing it kinda grosses me out. She'll totally be fine til Mama gets home tomorrow, right?

10:10 AM

Quick! What's the best way to get gum out of a toddler's hair? (And let's just keep this between us, k? Thx!)

10:48 AM

Ok, so toddler teething pain. I've heard rubbing a little bourbon on her gums works, but I can't find any. Do you think either gin or Natural Light would help?

12:05 PM

Woo! The girl is napping! Time for some quality time with the boy. We're going to build a craps table.

1:30 PM

Text to Mama: Say do we have any more band-aids? LOTS more??

2:13 PM

Very disappointed. Boy is down about $1200 to me at craps. Pulls out the whole, "but I'm only six, Daddy" excuse. Clearly a teachable moment. Any fair discipline suggestions?

3:05 PM

The girl is rested. Now, a snack, then it's time for her to clean the gutters and earn her keep a little.

4:45 PM

Kids are getting hungry. Anyone know if the Mizzou postgame crowd has cleared out at Hooters?

5:50 PM

Did NOT go well at Hooters. Will (loudly): "Daddy, why are those girls wearing shorts in February??" Me: "Pipe down and finish your beer."

5:51 PM

Chris: Does DCFS monitor Facebook?

7:05 PM

This mommy stuff is exhausting. NEED Baby Sarah to sleep but can't find her Benadryl. Nyquil is pretty much the same thing, right?

7:30 PM

AND the baby's in bed!! The boy and I are off to Boonville! Many thanks to the little neighbor girl for coming over to keep an ear out. She seems nice. Notice her English has improved since the first time I met her last month.


Boy seems to be falling asleep in van. A little Mountain Dew should help. Plus, this Skynyrd CD ...

8:20 PM

TICKED! Can not BELIEVE they will not let a 6-year-old into Isle of Capri after we drove all the way over here. I am so calling Trib Talk about this!

So, it was a bittersweet ending to an otherwise wonderful day for us, and I’m sure it was awfully nice for mama, too. After I finish typing, I’m going to give Trib Talk an earful, then I’m headed to bed.

This mama stuff is way tiring.

By the way, what does DCFS stand for?

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  • AdrienneMay

    Omg I was rolling on the floor laughing at this. Love it.

    • Tim

      Thanks! You’re very kind. It’s worth noting the children are still alive. :)