Making A List


Making several lists, actually.

We’re getting ready to hit the road with Baby Sarah for the first time. There is much rejoicing (and a bit of sadness that Honda doesn’t make a larger vehicle).

Over the holiday, I’ll be digging through the archives to bring you some classic-but-valuable chestnuts.

I’m seriously thinking about unplugging more – not less – in 2010. What do you think? Over at Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day, a guest poster suggested a technology fast on Sundays. Tim Miles likes this.

And I don’t think the world will falter if I don’t drag my little phone around to check email after maybe 6 o’clock central time (I have several clients in Mountain time – want to at least honor the traditional end of their workday).

I suspect if I focus on being a better father, friend and man in 2010, then being a better professional will take care of itself as a result of habits formed by the first three.

Yesterday, my wife and I talked briefly about how – one year ago that moment – we hadn’t even conceived of Sarah. (snicker)

What will one year from this very moment bring for us? What will it bring for you?

More importantly, what actions will you take to make it happen?

Merry Christmas, Christians. Happy Holidays, All.

– Tim, Dee, Will, Baby Sarah, and Kitty

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As CEO and Head Custodian of Miles & Company, Tim Miles helps owner-operated companies do more with less. He's the author of Good Company: Making It, Keeping It & Being It.

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  • jane

    4 times over the past 6 weeks I have turned off my computer @ 5pm (Atlantic) and walked away from it until Monday morning. The first 2 monday mornings I was quivering just a little as I hit that little silver button on the upper left hand corner. The button that could bring my Monday morning crashing down. But that’s subsiding and you know what? My weekends are a whole lot busier — with physical, mind clearing stuff… which makes Monday interesting instead of tedious.


  • Karyn Brownlee

    I’m honored you would reference my post in your blog, but even more so that you like the technology fast idea. Interestingly, Michael Hyatt wrote a subsequent post about his 48-hour Twitter fast. His focus was on how it affected him from a marketing standpoint. While he draws valid conclusions, they were from a business standpoint, not a spiritual one. A true fast is a sacrifice made in order to seek God at a deeper level. I pray your fast proves spiritually productive. Merry Christmas!

  • Michael Hyatt

    I agree with Karyn. This is the purpose of a fast. Many Christians, for example (me included), fast during Advent in preparation for Christmas. Many others fast during Lent in preparation for Easter. Adding a fast from the media can be a valid part of this. Anne Jackson (aka “@Flowerdust) did this last Lent.