Next Time You’re Traveling

Cafe Andiamo, Springfield, IL

This morning's office: Cafe Andiamo - Springfield, IL

Next time you’re traveling, and you want to get out of your room to get some work done, blow past Starbucks and head to the concierge, bell desk or front desk, and ask if there’s a local coffee shop or Starbucksian alternative where you could work for a couple hours.

Support a local business (it takes a lot of coffee and scones sold to pay that lease every month) and tip generously for use of their wifi.

You’ll feel inspired. You’ll feel rooted in the local goings-on. You’ll feel at least a little more like you’re home.

Cheers. I’m on the road a bunch these days. Do you have any tips to make travel and working while traveling a little more productive?

Ready? Let’s go!

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