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Welcome to four of the most wonderful days of the year.

The Open Championship starts today at Royal Lytham in England. The Masters might be the most fun tournament to watch, but The (British) Open is my favorite.

I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff this week to get ready. In preparation, Irishman and Open Champion Padraig Harrington has been strengthening the golf muscle between his ears.

Kevin Garside, writing Monday in the Belfast Telegraph:

Experience has taught [Harrington] how to attack the week of a major. Rejuvenated by Cowen’s swing enhancements, augmented by Alred’s focus techniques, buoyed by measurable improvements, the gap between theory and practice has narrowed, making Harrington the stealth pick at Lytham, a track the players respect more than love.

“Every player, no matter what the preparation is, they must feel when they get there that they are ready,” says Harrington.

“You can’t get to Wednesday evening and start panicking that you need to do more. You have to have a calmness about you, the feeling that what I have is good enough.”

If you get to go time, and you’re wishing you had more time to get ready, you’re cooked.

You practice – you put in the hours when no one’s watching – so muscle memory and instinct take over when the spotlight shines.

Right on.

Cheers, Paddy.

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