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We work to unlock the genuine greatness inside people and companies. If that sounds kinda rainbow-and-unicorny to you, we get it, but it’s truly why we get out of bed in the morning. For twenty years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people communicate more powerfully, connect with more authenticity, and do more with less.

You’re joining people from Japan, Scotland, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Serbia, and—to date—13 other countries who come here regularly to learn the fundamental principles of integrated marketing strategies we call The First Order of Business.


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The easiest, most frequent, and most… umm… free way to take advantage of our collective wisdom is to sign up for The Daily Blur. Each weekday, we share a short, thoughtful piece about communication, marketing, productivity, or leadership that serves as breakfast (or lunch or dinner… or even a nice snack) for the brains of smart, busy, unfairly awesome people around the world.

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tim_starthere2Thanks for wanting to know more about Miles & Company. We hope we help you look at the world a little differently.

We’re really proud of what we’ve built and how we built it. When my wife and I started this thing, our goal was to help people. All these years later, it still is.  -Tim

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