Charlie Update 2: Going Home


  Today is a good day. Today, we pack up the cards, letters, gifts, baseballs, stuffed animals, and balloons. Today, we gleefully leave behind the cafeteria food, 8-inch TV, and fold-out hospital chair/bed/torture device.  Today, we bid a fond farewell to the doctors, nurses, PCA’s, neurologists, and therapists who have become our second family.  Thirty-six days ago, my son had brain surgery. Today, he’s going home. The challenges remain. A long road of therapy lies … [Read more...]

Update on Charlie


Many of you have asked for an update on my son. It has now been two weeks since Charlie's brain surgery, and he will likely remain in the hospital for several more weeks of intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The surgery essentially disconnected the right hemisphere of his brain so Charlie has very little movement on his left side. He will have to re-learn how to walk and use his left arm. The term baby steps is all too accurate. Unfortunately, one of the permanent side … [Read more...]

My Son’s Brain Broke The Internet


  If your internet was slow yesterday, I’m terribly sorry. My son’s brain broke the internet. Okay, maybe not. But it certainly seemed that way. Yesterday’s story about my son’s brain surgery was the most-read and most-shared post in the history of The Daily Blur. Thousands and thousands of you read, posted, pinned, tweeted, and made your love go viral for a sweet three-year-old boy from a tiny map dot in the midwest. Your comments, thoughts, and prayers encouraged and … [Read more...]

Today My Son Will Have Brain Surgery


Today my son will have brain surgery. I stare at that sentence in disbelief. Did I really just type that? Brain surgery is big. Brain surgery is hard. It's the yardstick by which all other things are measured. When something is easy, they say, "it's not brain surgery." But this IS brain surgery. And it's my son. My three-year-old son, Charlie. Charlie was diagnosed with epilepsy March of 2012. Every day for the past two years, my son has suffered from up to 15 seizures a day. That's … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Be More Irish

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Have you ever wanted to, you know, be more Irish?  Especially today.  Here are 5 ways to do just that. St. Paddy's Day is an important holiday here at The Daily Blur, because, hey, we are Irish.  For your holiday enjoyment, these are  some lessons I learned from my favorite Irishman.  Born on March 22, 1906, to Irish immigrants, his name was Frank Quinlan. He was my grandpa. He was Tim’s grandpa too, and John's grandpa, and all our many cousins, because, as I … [Read more...]

4 Steps for Managing New Business Stress

Our son Christian at College Grad Dec2013

Starting a new business is not unlike bringing home your new baby:   The sleepless nights, the fatigue, the constant attention to someone else’s needs to ensure it’s survival. Starting a new business is stressful. Here are 4 steps for managing the stress of your new business.  It's the same advice I gave a group of young moms about managing baby stress recently. It’s good advice for you too if you are nurturing a baby business. 1. Check your expectations. Starting a new business is hard. … [Read more...]

Honoring Those Who Serve


(Mondays are Lynn Miles Peisker days at The Daily Blur. Lynn serves as the Executive Sister and Chief Plate Spinner at the Imagination Advisory Group. Check out her growing archive of posts here.) I'm going to interrupt your regular programming at The Daily Blur for this moment of  pride and reflection. This is our dad in 1956 at Camp Pendleton, California, during his service to our country as a United States Marine.  Today we honor him and all who serve and have served our county in the … [Read more...]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

(Mondays are Lynn Miles Peisker days at The Daily Blur. Lynn serves as the Executive Sister and Chief Plate Spinner at the Imagination Advisory Group. Check out her growing archive of posts here.)   Our dear grandmother lived to be 100 years old. She was full of wisdom and made the best rhubarb pie, like ever. Days spent at her house were always special. She made household chores and cooking meals seem like summer camp. Grandma June was a school teacher and she often was able to convey … [Read more...]

My Sister’s Cooler Than Your Sister


My sister is Lynn Peisker. She's my role model and hero. If I can be half the parent, person and communicator she is, I'll turn out alright.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Champaign Unit School District #4 DATE: 8/23/11    TOPIC: District wins communication awards The Champaign Community Unit School District #4 has received three state level communication awards from the Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association. “Marketing our Magnet Schools”, a campaign to … [Read more...]

Both Unsettling And Thrilling

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I was walking from class to work at Southern Illinois University on September 11, 2001. Where were you? I have two conflicting beliefs orbiting around in my head this morning - one courtesy of my friend, Rhiannon -- ‎"I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure"-- Mark Twain The other courtesy of two folks. My brilliant niece Meredith was the first to share Proverbs 24:17 -- "Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he … [Read more...]