Does Your Business Need A Jingle?


Should I use a jingle in my broadcast advertising? Since I am completely musically unqualified, I'm actually the perfect person to address this question for you.  After all, I watch a little TV, and I occasionally listen to the radio. And I buy stuff. How can I put this gently?  After all, I'm not the company curmudgeon. Most jingles are terrible. If you must use a jingle (see Tip #5), please: 1. Be sure you tie your jingle to your product. There is a roofing company in my town … [Read more...]

The Do’s & Don’ts of Local Super Bowl Ads

(We're excited to welcome Ryan Patrick as a contributing editor to The Daily Blur in 2013. He's not only handsome but a mighty fine writer. You're going to like him. A lot.) This week, local business owners across the country are asking their media reps to run ads that say… “It’s a Super Bowl of Savings!” “Don’t miss our Super Sunday Sale!” “Come watch the 49ers battle the Ravens!” “It’s the Super Bowl of Furniture Sales!” “If you’re looking for the best Super Bowl Party in town…” …and … [Read more...]

None of His Business


Yesterday, I was ticked off when a local media rep asked me for a complete list of my clients. I got this email last night from a sales manager I really, really respect: Here is my follow-up question... If a rep somehow stumbles, bumbles, rumbles into the front door of one of your clients and they say "...tim miles handles all my media..." wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't that rep then contact you (not on Sunday at home :-) to start discussions about that one client? My reply this morning: "Well, … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Take A Percentage Of The Ad Buy


I don't take a percentage of your ad buy. I don't accept kickbacks or pocket discounts from media. If you're my client, you pay me a one-time upfront fee and then a small monthly salary that's adjusted annually by the percentage of your growth. That's it. Why? If I suggest you spend more, I want you to be completely convinced I think it's in our best mutual interest. I don't want you to think I have a hidden agenda to pocket an extra commission. I'd like to think - if we work together - … [Read more...]

Buying Radio Ads: The Myth of Residual Value


Listen, most of what I know about buying radio I learned from experience and trusting advice found in two of my partner Roy's books: The Wizard of Ads and Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads. There are no real secrets here - just solid principles - that I shared with a colleague when his email popped into my inbox. Hey Tim, So…last year I had [client] on [big honkin' country music station] for about 4 months…they got great response…they were on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This year…they … [Read more...]

Three Meaty Bits to Start Your Week


Hmm ... guess these should be three different posts to jack up my page views, but I don't want to waste your time on a Monday. 1. How I Ran An Ad On Fox News: Way cool, instructive video. I'm sure every media buying company in the world will tell you why you're not smart enough to do this, but I enjoyed watching it. (Hat tip to Jeff Sexton for sharing.) 2. How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn't Suck: Dan Heath of the Made to Stick and Switch Heath Brothers. We watched this a couple … [Read more...]

6 Basic Small Business Social Media Tips


In the conclusion to our three-part interview, my friend and partner (and best selling author) Bryan Eisenberg - who consults the Dells and the Universal Studios and the Volvo Internationals of the world on conversion and persuasion - offers up six basic small business tips to start harnessing the power of social media. In part 1, we discussed what triggers social media, Wal-Mart, and gurus, experts, and wizards. In part 2, we continued talking about some trouble I had with a presentation I … [Read more...]

Dear Radio. Please Stop It.


You probably don't know Kent Zimmer. He's that guy who comes along maybe once every 15-20 years whose world spins at a different speed than yours and mine. With chaos swirling all around him, Kent's the guy who would look up and notice a pretty butterfly ... and make up a song about it and start singing it ... and it would be good. And you would laugh. A lot. He … how do I put this … he … umm … makes a lot of strange mouth noises. At odd times. But somehow, it's not strange at all. It works … [Read more...]

A Revised Sales Rep Email to a Customer


A couple days back, I expressed my frustration with an email I got from a sales rep. A colleague, journalist, and now ivory-towered academic asked in the comments how I might have written that email. He's the instructor-type, you know. And, as usual, Joey was right. I sat down and - in about six minutes - wrote a draft and made one round of edits to this email. I tried to compare apples to apples. I include a mention of bonus spots and one of those punctuation-smiley-face things that … [Read more...]