The Back Nine: Weekend Reading for January 21st, 2012


The Back Nine are stories and videos and stuff I uncovered this week that I enjoyed and felt were worth sharing for your weekend reading.

10 Geeky Gifts For Your Valentine – I am very geeky. Three e geeky: geeeky. If you have a three (or even four) e’r in your life, here are some suggestions for them for February 14.

Why Family and Friends Make the Best Business Partners – I have several clients who run – and enjoy running – family businesses. I really liked and shared this Inc. article with them.

The Power of Asking the Right Question – Boy, this is true, and Michael Hyatt has a good wake-up call for anyone buried under an avalanche of “woe is me.”

If You’re An Average Worker, You’re Going Straight To The Bottom – If you’ve been reading my stuff about service this week, you can substitute ‘company’ for ‘worker’ in Godin’s post and nod along like I did.

“No” is the New “Yes” – Four Practices to Reprioritize Your Life from Tony Schwartz over at Harvard Business Review

The Making of ‘Madden NFL’ - I’m pretty sure if you’re male and between the ages of 5 and 45, you’ve played Madden. Tom Bissell’s article over at Grantland is worth it for the description of John Madden’s man cave studio alone.

Every You Need to Know About the Apple for Education Talk – A good review and preview of Apple’s future as a re-inventor of the textbook and a partner in education. Designing interactive textbooks would have been my dream job fifteen years ago.

Can I Show Them My Arm? - Kids rock. Jordan really rocks. Reading time: 3 minutes. Feeling Awesome time: All weekend.

Learning to Sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room – Try this for a week. Thank me later.

Have a great weekend!


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