Two spot-on quotes about Apple and design


Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun Times:

“Apple’s different. If The Coca-Cola Company were run like Apple, they’d have just one brand of zero-calorie cola, not three. Apple sees its product line as a cast of characters, through which they tell a single story. If two products seem to do the same job, then one of them needs to go.”

And one more:

“I’ll say two things, one of which was (damn and blast) echoed by the consistently smart John Gruber over on before I turned this file of notes into something publishable: Apple always asks themselves simple and stupid questions like “How will this device be used?” and “Will this be used by human beings with, I mean, arms and hands and fingers?” and stuff like that.”

People often ask me why I love Apple so much, and I start with design, but design doesn’t simply mean how it looks in terms of aesthetics.

It’s that the language of form always follows the process of function for Apple, and yes, that form ends up breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a simple beauty. There’s typically nothing … what’s the word … extra.

Microsoft/PC manufacturers typically give you poor imitations of Faulkner.

Apple’s Hemingway.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

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