What’s Your Super Bowl?


How you think it feels being Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers today?

Wouldn’t it be cool to feel like that? To be at the very top of your game? That sense of accomplishment from a season’s worth of struggle and sacrifice?

Beginning today, why not give yourself permission to kick off your own season with this chance – this golden opportunity – waiting at the end?

To Begin – Work Backward:

  1. Your team is hoisting you up as you’re named MVP. What are you MVP of? What’s your Super Bowl? It could be writing a book or potty training your kid or starting your own blog or quitting your day job. What’s your Super Bowl? Write it down.
  2. What do you have to do – specifically – to earn the MVP vote? What have you done to earn the right to hoist the trophy? Say it clearly. Say it plainly. Write it down.
  3. If it starts today, your personal Super Bowl Date is August 7th. Circle that date on your calendar.

Now: Get To Practicing

The difference between good and great is inches – not feet. You’re going to need to do the little things every day.

Every. Day. What are they?

  1. According to what I picked up from the game yesterday, you’ll need some small amount of daily SCHEDULED practice. You’ll need weekly benchmarks (games).
  2. One NFL Hall-of-Famer referred to his success yesterday as a result of a process his coach had given him. They (the team) had a process that became habit through repetition. Then, when things got serious, it helped they could rely on habits and muscle memory.
  3. That’s important, too: You need to surround yourself with winners. The negative people in your life? The naysayers? Cut ‘em if you want to win your Super Bowl.
  4. And a wise coach won’t hurt. Doesn’t have to be eighty years old, but it might be. Who can your trust to encourage you and hold you accountable? They can’t just do one or the other – they have to be able to do both.

Now: Let’s Get Back To The Good Stuff.

You’ve just been named the MVP.

Besides the fact that you’re at the top of your mountain, you get another major reward besides to no-one-can-ever-take-this-away-from-you feeling of accomplishment.

You Get To Go To DisneyLand!

But it doesn’t have to be DisneyLand.

What’s your reward? What are you doing? Where are you going? Who are you going with? Put up a picture of it somewhere, too.

Sports fans everywhere are excited that baseball pitchers and catchers are getting ready to report, but your spring training’s over.

Write down your gameplan. Then start. It’s time to get to work.

Hut. Hut. Hike.

Oh, and P.S. Chris Brogan wrote something inspiring about this awhile back. He says it’s simple, but …

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  • Sue Grey

    I can’t even tell you how appropriate this was for me today. I love this philosophy! I especially like the part about writing it down, having a plan and then, um like, doing the plan….go figure. I also like the part about surrounding yourself with the people who are positive, supportive and get that you want to put your plan into action. You want to always be on your game. Thanks for these words, so timely for me – hope all is well in MO. Take care, all the best!