Your Customer Likes This: Shareworthy Customer Service – New eBook Available Now

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Your Customers Like This will:

Shareworthy Customer Service - Click Me To Download Now

  • Show you why shareworthy customer service is so important
  • Deconstruct down to the 14 building blocks of shareworthy service
  • Give you great stories of examples of shareworthy service
  • Spell out a plan of how to implement this program in your company
  • Make you feel like you just got one of the 37 biggest bangs-for-your-buck in recorded history
  • Make you a rockstar in your own company when you’re the catalyst for positive change

Not bad for a buck, huh?


However …

If you’re expecting a unicorn riding down a rainbow to deliver magical bags of social media beans and thousands of Facebook page likes to your company with no effort, you’re in the wrong place.

Likewise, if you’re wanting your employees to conform to your will and control without giving them authority and rewarding them for their efforts, you’ll think this is the most useless book ever written.

He gets you results, but with his imagination and humility, it’s almost like getting a chance to work with Walt Disney. – Melissa Kunde, Executive Director, Portland Area Radio Council & Seattle Area Radio Association

However, if you’re like most people – who simply want to deliver a service you and your company can be proud of – this book may be the most important thing you read all year.

If you’re willing to take action. Nothing changes until you take the first step … then the second … then the third.

Why only $0.99?

First of all, that’s not true. Since all profits from the book go directly to benefit Touchpoint’s Central Missouri Autism Project, I hope you’ll buy it for $500 or $1000 or $5000.

You can set your own price.

At first, I was going to give it away for free. Even though I believe it can change your organization and help chart its course for the next thirty years, I was going to give it away for free.

You see, I was already being paid by my clients. This book came to be as most great ideas do – I was simply trying to solve a problem for myself and my clients. Because they are generous – because they realize if this works, we all win, we were going to give it away.

Then I got an email.

Staci Bowlen, my friend and director of Touchpoint, asked if I had any ideas to help them with fundraising.

That’s not a question I take lightly.

Here’s a video from those early years. Our local NBC affiliate, KOMU, did a feature on Touchpoint back when they were called Judevine. The name has changed. The people and willingness to care have not.

We owe them everything. Touchpoint gave our son a voice … and taught us how to hear it … after he was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

He was not year two years old when we started that first two-week parent training. We had no family here in Columbia. We felt lost and alone.

Touchpoint changed everything for us.



So, I’ll make you a deal.

You help them do their work, and I’ll help you do yours.

At first, I thought you were nuts. Now that I see the finished product, I’m pretty sure you’re a genius. Alan Hardwick, Lavine’s HVAC, Oakland, CA


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What are you waiting for? If you’re uncomfortable using Paypal, that’s cool. Please contact us, and we’ll make other arrangements.

My family and hundreds of others like ours thank you for your support of Touchpoint’s Central Missouri Autism Project.

Oh, and PS – extra specially hugetastic donations will receive special privileges. When it’s for Touchpoint, I can be bought. Private workshops? Webinars? Yard mowing? Let me know what you have in mind …

Oh, and PPS – Technologically, there’s nothing to stop you from putting this copyrighted material on the Internet. I have no problem if you buy one copy for your company (though, again, feel free to pay more for the privilege); however, if you start handing it out to your own clients, for example, and you only paid $0.99 … well, I’d like to think you wouldn’t do that … because you’re not only smart and good-looking but honorable.