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Goals And Values

What is it, specifically, you’re trying to make happen? Can you tell me with such brevity and clarity that my … More


Strategic Planning

Once you’re secure in your goals and values, you have to look at how you’re going to accomplish your goals … More


Customer Experience

Here’s a question: Have you calculated what one customer’s worth over the course of her lifetime? Here’s … More



Not that long ago, clever was enough. If you had enough cash and hired a creative enough team to produce your … More



Sure, media choices and placement matter. You can waste a metric ton of money if you’re not careful. Want … More

Recent Articles

Undisclosed Southwest Awesomeness

We’ve had it!

I'm not here today. In fact, I'm not even typing this. I'm calling in well. After two changes to our move from Missouri to Tennessee and delayed flights and canceled business … More

IMG_5743 2

I Heart My Job?

She was having a bad night. The weather was deteriorating. The normally-bustling Friday night crowd was sparse. She wasn’t making money. My wife and I had tickets for a show, … More

Home Slice Pizza Menu

11 Lessons We Learned This Year

Weather’s preventing Ryan, Dee, and me from being where we’re supposed to be today: Austin, Texas. Twice each year, we gather with our special-brand-of-crazy business partners to … More


How Many New Customers Do You Need?

Let’s say you only have enough money to buy a small radio station in a medium-sized market with a metro population of, say, 600,000. Let’s say their number of weekly listeners … More

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