The One Shockingly Easy Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Marketing Message


WARNING: This tip is so embarrassingly simple, it will probably make you angry that you don’t already do it. Unless, of course, you DO already do it, which will make you even angrier because, by making you read this, I’m completely wasting your time. Please promise that you will not allow the aforementioned anger to manifest itself […]

What Is A Unique Value Proposition?


What is a Unique Value Proposition? I’m glad you asked. Having recently spent about thirty hours online researching them, I feel I’m probably as qualified as anyone to answer this question for you. Before I give you my answer, I will tell you that my research showed two things: Asked fifty different experts about a […]

10 Travel Tips Unrelated To Marketing

The Artichokes of Rome, Spring 2014

Because my children are adventurous, I’ve had the opportunity to take some great trips to visit them throughout North America and Europe in the last several years. I’ve been places I never imagined and places of which I’ve only dreamed. I’ve learned to travel for two weeks with a carry-on and a tote bag. Trains, […]

Email Ebook Is Helpful


(Mr. Clay Campbell has some advice for you about email.   He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, giving keynote and after-dinner speeches across America. He has authored several books including How to Get Big Results from a Small Ad Budget. He is a Wizard of Ads Partner specializing in strategies to help grow small businesses. He is owner and founder […]

How to Make Your Next Best Hire

photo credit: Help Wanted? via photopin (license)

Who are you describing when you write an ad searching for your next great hire? Your company? The job? Shockingly, neither of those will attract the kind of person you seek. The only way to do that is to appeal to the candidate on an emotional level by describing the kinds of things your ideal […]

A One-Act Test Of Your Well-Being

find one wholly unexpected kind thing to do tomorrow and just do it. Notice what happens to your mood.

Seligman, Martin E. P. (2011-04-05). Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being (p. 21). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.

Whooooooooooosh. The first quarter of 2015 has already come… and nearly gone… so I’d like to know something. How are you feeling? Content? Engaged? Happy? I’m going to talk briefly about positive psychology – WAIT! DON’T GO! I BRING NEITHER RAINBOWS NOR UNICORNS! Before you think I’ve tripped over one of my Birkenstocks while looking for my […]

A Shareworthy Trip To The ER

FL Hosp ER

Last Saturday evening, a walking accident sent me to an ER. (I’ll pause here as you ponder ‘walking accident.’) Despite the financial implications and the pain of a fractured bone in my wrist (we don’t use the word ‘broken’ in the hospital), my experience was made positive by well-trained staff operating from a shared mission. Everyone […]

“You just saved me $350,000.”


It’s not true, of course, but that’s what my client said to me on Tuesday. Truth be told, it’ll probably end up in the neighborhood of $500,000 worth of savings over the next eighteen months. Nice neighborhood. It’s not because my client’s dumb… in fact, he’s crazy smart (and brave and hard-working and talented), but even the […]