To Labor is a Work of Art


  Do you make your living as an artist? If you go to work each day, at home, at the office, on the interwebs, then yes, yes you do. There is an art to your daily work. And you get to choose to approach it with the creative genius you were born to share with the world. Combined with your heroic effort and your willingness to paint way past dark, a masterpiece of great impact is within your reach. Every day when you go to work, you create art: the art of the strategy, the art of … [Read more...]

How Do You Respond to Daily Business Challenges?

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The heat index in my neighborhood was 115 degrees yesterday. When it is that hot, I can’t think about anything beyond my neighborhood. Since I work at home, I had the opportunity to stay inside all day, but I had a coffee date with a dear friend, so I was destined to face nature’s warmth. Since I was going out, I wanted to maximize my efforts, so I made a list of nearby errands I could check off my list. My first stop was the dry cleaner. What was I thinking? Staring at the super-large … [Read more...]

What Do 1000 Blog Posts Get You?


In our case, it got us a waiting list. Today’s post is #1000 on The Daily Blur, and our overnight success started back in 1995 when I started writing advertising campaigns. Ten years later, in 2005, I dabbled in Typepad and tried to build a little marketing consulting practice rooted in Midwestern values. When people ask me about my secret, I say I have two: 1) Work really hard. 2) Work with really smart, really fun, really hard-working people who share your values. (That applies to … [Read more...]

What Makes These Wal-Mart Ads So Tasty?


(Warning: If you are NOT a fan of red meat, reality TV show hosts, or corporate conglomerates, you may want to stop reading.) Yesterday, Tim confessed his admiration for Geico’s successful marketing strategy. Today, the love fest continues as I shine the spotlight on another company that’s doing it right. Studies have shown the average person is exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages every day, so it’s become a challenge to cut through the clutter. But one company’s advertising … [Read more...]

Are Geico’s Ads Good?


Well? What do you think? I ask because Ralph (a friend and mentor) asked me that question last week after I posted George Tannenbaum’s critique of the recent entertainment-heavy ads for Audi and Dell. In Tannenbaum’s post, he argued for Dave Trott’s thesis that all purposeful communications must contain three elements: Impact Communication Persuasion Since Ralph’s question about my opinion of the Geico ads came in response to another critique of ads using Trott’s model, I wanted … [Read more...]

You Only Improve What You Measure & Reward


  Recently we started a wellness program here at Miles & Company. We selected three areas of focus for whole-person health: body, mind, and spirit. And since we believe that you cannot improve what you do not measure and reward, we decided that metrics were important. And since we are a group of like-minded but independent thinkers, we each got to choose our own. Body metrics might include stuff like nutrition, exercise, and sleep. You might choose to count:  calories, steps, … [Read more...]

Feedback and Growing Leaders

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(Miles & Co. is thankful and proud to welcome guest poster Major Brian Waller to The Daily Blur. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.) I have spent over a decade in the US Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer, learning from and leading hundreds of the finest sons and daughters our country has to offer, maintaining billions of … [Read more...]