My Mom Wants To Buy You This Book


My mom wants to give you my favorite book of the year! Let me explain… every year mom and dad send each of us kids a check for our birthday for a hundred bucks plus our age. Aaaaand… this week, in addition to me turning 44, my friends and mentors Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg released an unbelievably valuable eBook on Amazon called Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide. Here’s the authors’ description. By New York Times Bestselling Authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg with … [Read more...]

How to Gain New Customers with the Gravity Well

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Walk to the edge of the cliff and JUMP… hoping someone will catch you at the bottom. That’s what most businesses expect people to do when they advertise. They stand at the bottom and yell up to the people at the top edge of the cliff, “Don’t worry, you will love us. You will love our products. Trust what we say. We wouldn’t lie or exaggerate. Jump off and we will catch you.” How many people actually jump? Sometimes the desperate few will, but more often they will turn from the cliff … [Read more...]

My Birthday Wish


I turn 44 today. Company policy dictates I take the day off, so I’ll be brief and share only my birthday wish with you. Can I ask you to join me in a harebrained scheme over the next year? Let’s look beyond each others’ quirks and flaws and try to find the good in one another, okay? Let’s recognize that this… this... whatever it is… this thing called life is really, really hard. But it really, really helps… a lot… if you can try and see and share and appreciate what people do well … [Read more...]

Spinning Plates

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For the past couple of years, it’s been my privilege to serve as the Chief Plate Spinner here at Miles & Company. With a varied menu of services, clients and harebrained schemes, there are many details to be managed for a remote-working, creative company like ours.  While that's totally a made up title, it pretty much reflects the day to day operations.   Today I’m sharing my Plate-spinner's Checklist of Awesome with you multi-taskers out there. Here’s how I do what I do each day: Use … [Read more...]

The Crest Cadillac Story

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(Mr. Clay Campbell has a story to tell you about shareworthy customer service.   He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, giving keynote and after-dinner speeches across America. He has authored several books including How to Get Big Results from a Small Ad Budget. He is a Wizard of Ads Partner specializing in strategies to help grow small businesses. He is owner and founder of The Kentucky Opry.  The Daily Blur is proud to welcome Mr. Campbell to the Ramada Inn stage.  Take it away, Clay.) Every … [Read more...]

Guess What One Customer Service Star Keeps In Her Car


During our company retreat this week, Deidre shared a story of a wildly successful mentor who kept something unusual in her car. Her mentor said she never knew when a moment of need might arise. Elaine said she always wanted to be prepared in case she needed one. Jumper cables? Blanket and candle? Breath mints? Nope. Elaine kept thank you cards, envelopes, and stamps in her car at all times. When someone treated her with kindness, she didn’t want to use “not having a thank … [Read more...]

The Do-It-Yourself Campaign Commercial


Election Day in the U.S. is less than two weeks away. Candidates everywhere are scrambling to put ANYTHING on the air. So, as a public service to our public servants, I present The Handy-Dandy Do-It-Yourself Campaign Commercial! Just fill in the blanks, print a copy, and contact your media rep, post haste. Happy Mudslinging!   CANDIDATE: Hello, this is (your name). I’m your candidate for (elected office). I grew up right here in (town / region / religious cult). And … [Read more...]