Small Business Profile: Downtown Credo

Downtown Credo, Orlando, Florida

Special Note: Today’s post spotlights a small business in Orlando, Florida that is using coffee and a name-your-price strategy to forge a new path for community development and global impact. More than a place where everybody knows your name, Downtown Credo is a place where community members from all walks of life can find delicious coffee, and a wi-fi supported workspace while supporting a vision for making the community and the world a better place. Part small business, part global … [Read more...]

The Good Customer Math Test


Here's a simple test with just five questions. Ready? Begin. 1. What’s the value of a customer over the course of her lifetime? I want you to picture a regular customer, and I want you to think about how much that customer’s average ticket is and how often they buy from you. Multiply the average ticket by number of visits between now and when she no longer needs what you sell. But you’re not done. Your customer-for-life has friends, doesn’t she? If you’re as good as she says you are, … [Read more...]

The One Day Off Everybody Needs


I’m taking a day off on Friday. Truth be told, I have no choice. It’s company policy. Friday is my birthday. It’s a big one, too. Rhymes with “Morty.” I don’t know what all I’ll do on my day off. But I know one thing I WON’T be doing: Work. Because, here at Miles & Co, you are required to take a day off on your birthday. It’s mandatory. No ifs, ands, or buts. Do I have work to do? Yes. Does it feel strange to take a day off knowing I have work to do? Sure does. Am I … [Read more...]

Too Much To-Do-Do In Your Life? Check Your Tach.


Yesterday, a close friend read a passage from a book to me. Immediately after hearing it, I purchased the book, and I suggest you purchase it, too, if you’re struggling with too much to-do-do. In Bill Hybels’ Simplify: Ten Habits To Unclutter Your Soul, he writes: I’ve raced a lot of stuff with engines in my life—boats, cars, motorcycles. Most things with engines have a tachometer, which is a little meter that tells you just how high your engine is revving. The higher the revs, the faster … [Read more...]

The One Type of Customer You Should Always Reward

Reward The Happy People

It’s the bleak mid-winter here in the middle west U.S. where I live. It’s cold and gray and drab and dreary. And people, as a general rule, are tired of it. We’re a little bit grouchier and grumpier than usual. And February stretches long and dark before us, too. Thank goodness there are only twenty-eight days of that nonsense. That’s why when I read a post on my friend Boyd’s Facebook wall last week, it stopped me in my tracks. I asked him for permission to share. And Boyd being Boyd, in all … [Read more...]

The One Universal Currency You Need

airport travelers motion blur

Tim wrote about kindness recently. It’s been on my mind too. So has currency. I’ve been thinking about currency because of my trip to Portugal (Go! Great place). I had to deal with Euros, which are actually really cool coins and bills But an experience on the way home made me realize that the one Universal Currency is kindness. I always try to be extra kind to airline gate agents. No one gets more grief than they do from tired, frustrated travelers. When the system breaks down (as it … [Read more...]

Please Kill A Tree Today

phone tree

"For flotsam, please press 1. For jetsam, please press 2. For a sam directory, please press..." AAAARGH! If you have a phone tree or other kind of automated phone system, everyone hates it. Trust me. It does NOT help your customers. You might think it helps you, but you’re here to serve the customer, so it really doesn’t help you. You might think it saves you money, but I’m here to tell you that’s a penny-wise and pound-foolish argument. Hire real, live, human-being people to answer … [Read more...]