A Shareworthy Trip To The ER

FL Hosp ER

Last Saturday evening, a walking accident sent me to an ER. (I’ll pause here as you ponder ‘walking accident.’) Despite the financial implications and the pain of a fractured bone in my wrist (we don’t use the word ‘broken’ in the hospital), my experience was made positive by well-trained staff operating from a shared mission. Everyone from the door greeter to the nurse with the needle to the guy operating the loud x-ray machine knew their job and aimed to please me, the customer who had a … [Read more...]

“You just saved me $350,000.”


It's not true, of course, but that's what my client said to me on Tuesday. Truth be told, it'll probably end up in the neighborhood of $500,000 worth of savings over the next eighteen months. Nice neighborhood. It's not because my client's dumb... in fact, he's crazy smart (and brave and hard-working and talented), but even the smartest people can benefit from an outside perspective. I saw something he and his senior staff full of awesome people didn't see. As my business partner … [Read more...]

Stop Procrastinating In Three Easy Words


I stare down the barrel of a big writing project. And I'm stuck. I’m completely paralyzed by the blank screen. The cursor mocks me with every blink. So I put it off until tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. And... Boom. Deadline. It’s go time. I can’t stall any longer. Now what do I do? I do what a dead poet taught me. Back in my younger days, when I was a creative director cranking out cookie-cutter commercial copy for a cluster of corporate radio stations, I found … [Read more...]

Want To Make The Local News?


Knock over a liquor store. No? Fine, here’s another unusual idea that starts to make A LOT of sense once you think about getting back to solving someone’s problem - just the way you do with your products and services. In this case, that someone is a news reporter, and that problem is a smaller staff, less time, and more time to fill. This works not only with local news but with local chambers of commerce, trade associations, and community magazines. Remember how you’ve learned to … [Read more...]

How Setting Boundaries Leads to Success

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Along with a group of  friends, I am doing a study on the book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The subtitle of the book is “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.”  I highly recommend it, especially if you, like me, are looking to restore your focus. Last week, we got into a great discussion about boundaries based on the first four chapters of the book in the section entitled “Essence.” We were talking about what’s really important to us and how to distill down the essence of whatever is placing … [Read more...]

Special Events Deserve S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attention

event planner

If you throw up your hands at the thought of having to plan a special event, you can extend your arms to create a ‘v’ for victory as help has arrived! Our trio of event planning experts – Annie O., Brian S. and Scarlett S. - are here with proven advice for making your next event S-P-E-C-I-A-L. S-elect the right person to coordinate the work. “Event planners are connectors – connecting people and resources.” “A planner should be someone who is gracious yet clearly in … [Read more...]

The Perfect Bracket!

Tim Bracket

There are five perfect things in America: Monical's Pizza The Prime Rib of Beef at The Palm Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Bandon Dunes Golf Resort The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Here's my perfect bracket. It's perfect because, as I type, no games have been played. But played today those games will be, and it will be wonderful. Enjoy!     … [Read more...]