Does Your Business Need A Jingle?


Should I use a jingle in my broadcast advertising? Since I am completely musically unqualified, I'm actually the perfect person to address this question for you.  After all, I watch a little TV, and I occasionally listen to the radio. And I buy stuff. How can I put this gently?  After all, I'm not the company curmudgeon. Most jingles are terrible. If you must use a jingle (see Tip #5), please: 1. Be sure you tie your jingle to your product. There is a roofing company in my town … [Read more...]

Make Your Employees Proud

photo credit: Gerry Balding via photopin cc

Awhile back Head Custodian Tim Miles shared “Ten Questions You Must Ask Your Employees.”  But there’s a good  one he left out: “Are you proud of where you work?” I’ve been thinking about the proud question since reading about a grade school teacher who uses it as his number one measure of success.  Edward Lowe says if a student works hard for a C and is proud of that effort, then the lesson was a success. Are your employees proud of what they do?  If Scotty is asked about his job, does he … [Read more...]

Going The Extra Mile Without Crossing The Line

Steve Holstein... being awesome...

(Our good friend, the majestic, lovely, and talented Steve Holstein, shared a national story with me that he realized had local implications. “This would make a good blog post!” Steve said. “You’re right,” I joked. “Please write it!” Looks like the joke was on me. To my delight, a couple hours later, this arrived in my inbox.) Does your business try to think of ways to surprise customers? Don’t you love a business that goes the extra mile? Here’s a quick story about nuts, three scones, … [Read more...]

It’s More Than What You Say


What do you unconsciously tell people about your business? What do you overlook everyday that you are just so used to you can no longer see? Is it in line with what you are trying to say about your business? Does it meet with your customers expectations? Are you a closet organizer company that has a junky washroom/restroom? What does that unconsciously say about your product? Are you a renovator pitching high quality renovations that improve the life of your clients and yet you drive a … [Read more...]

When Should You Email Your Customers?


As a member of Robert Earl Keen’s email list, Ryan received this ad yesterday and shared it with the rest of the company. I shared it with a dozen people because I thought it was so awesome. Now, I'm sharing it with you. It follows one of our golden rules for when to hold/send email and direct mail promotion: Find unusual-but-relevant holidays to celebrate. Here, Keen is tying the message/promotion to an unusual theme. This has two direct and immediate benefits: You won’t be … [Read more...]

How To Respond To Customer Inquiries

Customer Feedback

How easy do you make it for your customers to ask questions? How quickly and how well do you respond to your customer inquiries? We use Basecamp for project management at Miles & Company. It has about a gazillion features, but we only use around a dozen, and it works just great for us. The other day at my favorite coffee shop, I was thinking how great it would be if I could send email to Basecamp for a particular project and just have it live there until I needed it. So I made a … [Read more...]

Build Business With Study in Contrast

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I am a student of contrasts. By observing opposite positions or outcomes, I find myself asking questions that help me learn, and I love to learn. Recently, I observed this behavior and couldn't resist a subsequent study in contrast: One person receives a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop and thinks it is the most thoughtful gift EVER. Another person receives a similar gift card, shrugs their shoulders and offers no verbal response. What prompted the giving of the gift cards? Does … [Read more...]