Buddy The Elf’s 4 Tips For Customer Delight


We're days away from the end of the month; the end of a quarter; and the end of a year. Phew! The finish line is in sight. We want to encourage you to enjoy the remaining opportunities to deliver customer delight (or donor delight, if you’re a non-profit) with these four reminders from Buddy The Elf. Let’s start with one of my all-time favorite scenes from the movie "Elf." Buddy Reminder #1 – Serve your best. In making his first trip to New York, Buddy read the sign "World's Best Cup … [Read more...]

All In All, You’re Just A…

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Ads - given the proper repetitious elements - can build equity. Like compounding interest, the whole can become infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. Most companies have started a great campaign only to drop it too quickly before it had a chance to really compound its value. We know, for example, that when we hear that fiddle music and Tom Bodett’s voice that Motel 6 has clean, comfortable rooms for the lowest price of any national chain. We don’t know what else he might say or … [Read more...]

Charlie Update: Today’s a Big Day!

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“How’s Charlie?" I’m asked that question at least five times each day. Sometimes more. Rarely less. Ever since I first shared the story and subsequent updates of my four-year-old son Charlie’s brain surgery, a staggering number of people from all around the globe have been following his journey. So, everywhere I go, it’s “How’s Charlie?" I don’t mind the question. Because I finally have a good answer. Today, December 17th, is a big day. Today, my son is six months seizure-free. I … [Read more...]

So, You Want To Be A Thought Leader?


So, you want to be a thought leader... NO! NO! NO! YOU DON’T! Just be a leader… we'll assume you must have thought at some point to become one... and don’t ever refer to yourself as one. Let others do that for you. In a decade or so (hopefully sooner), we’ll look back with sheepish embarassment at the phrase “thought leader” in much the same way my parents eventually looked back at leisure suits. I’m fairly certain I’m right about this. However, sad and silly phrasing … [Read more...]

The Power of the Pause

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We are in the middle of the Season of Rushing, aren’t we? Rushing to buy. Rushing to meet. Rushing to wrap. Rushing to decorate. Rushing to attend. Rushing to bake. Rushing to finish. In the middle of doing a long day of good work last week, I found myself rushing an interview. A wonderful client was telling me his story on video. And as I asked the questions, I found myself rushing on to the next question before completely listening to his answer. My wise brother gave me what became … [Read more...]

Are Your Guarantees Clear?

Rainbow Guarantee

(Our guest writer today is Jay Foss. A self-described flawed human being with an adventurous spirit...currently chasing his 20 month old son, Jay spends time DJng, husbanding, producing free-lance projects, giving people the benefit of the doubt [without getting bamboozled] and playing with audio at North Shore 104.9FM. A bit of a paradox, he's a city boy who enjoys hiking in the woods. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jay to the Ramada Inn stage!) Before going the extra mile, it would be … [Read more...]

“Ad. Recruitment Ad.”

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The best recruitment advertising speaks directly to one person - the ideal candidate for the position in your company. It doesn’t talk directly about the company, but the company’s values are communicated via their description of the candidate. The best recruitment advertising saves you or your HR department a lot of time by narrowing down the candidate pool via the copy. The right ad—describing the ideal person—repels or rejects the unqualified and even the barely qualified. My friend and … [Read more...]