Last week, we received an email from the owner of a HVAC company we work with expressing concern about the radio stations on which his ads were about to start airing. His concern wasn't so much about the radio stations, per se, but about his competitor's ads that already air on those stations. To his discerning ear, the other heating and air companies' ads sounded very similar in their production, style, concept, and delivery. He feared that the ads that we produced for his … [Read more...]

Just Doin’ Your Job, Dude?

This dude gets it.

This dude gets it. Will and I spent yesterday at the NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville, Tennessee. Over the course of our day, we must've encountered maybe forty employees. No one was having more fun than this dude. I'm not talking about just the other employees. I mean no one.Whether he was giving the rules or checking the safety harnesses or rescuing spun-out fathers of rubbin' 9-year-olds, he was having fun. And not goof-off fun, either, but committed-to-his-customers fun. If … [Read more...]

Two Kinds of Employee Feedback

photo credit: Arlo Bates via photopin cc

  As an employer, how do you give feedback to your employees? There are two ways. Public or Private. Kind or Unkind. Helpful or Not. This is important because we know from 20+ years of experience with owner-operated businesses that your employees are your most important customers. A young man I know working at an hourly wage job recently received a message from his employer. It included harsh words of criticism and shaming. Not only was this message delivered by text but two of … [Read more...]

Vacations Ruminations


I’m writing this barefoot while listening to Patty Griffin, drinking good coffee, and surrounded by family in the hills of South Carolina. There's a golf course outside my door. The Mobil station just up the road has coolers full of ice cold soda pop - including RC, Mountain Dew, and Coca-Cola - in glass bottles for under a buck apiece. Vacation does not suck. When not on vacation like this, I work crazy hard for three reasons: So I get to do this several times a year. So the rest … [Read more...]

14 Copywriting Resources + A Contest


Last week, I got an email from a Daily Blur reader who asked:I am reaching out to you to ask for your recommendations on how to become a better writer. I believe there has to be more than "practice makes perfect". While I understand the importance of our blog and content being genuine, that doesn't mean I can't be better at writing content. Are there any books, tips, classes, or references you would recommend to help me improve?Nothing gets me more excited than meeting people who want to … [Read more...]

Copywriting Lessons – Wasteful Words

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It’s time to kick the lazy right out of the copywriters of this world. If you write copy,  here’s your kick-up call. I’m told John Lennon once said that in a 2 ½ minute song, you don’t have time to waste a single word.  If that is true of a song, then it must be more than true of :30 and :60 second advertising copy as well. Take, for example, this line from a recent water craft supply store ad:  “We carry cradle hooks, paddle thongs and more.” "And more," is the problem here. It's a … [Read more...]

Packing List


"Daddy, what are you doing?""I'm making a packing list for our upcoming vacation, Will. It helps me make sure I don't bring too much or forget anything."(Thinks...)"I should make one also." … [Read more...]