He’s A Perfect Ten


“Mama, I would like a cake, but I don’t want it to have pink. Or brown. Or red. Or purple. Or yellow." And so we celebrated the-boy-who-doesn’t-eat-cake with blue cake on his tenth birthday Monday. Will taught us to celebrate differently over the past decade. And we are all better for it. Thanks, buddy. … [Read more...]

4 Secrets and 10 Tools for Working Remotely

Mobile Office.

Our team at Miles & Company is growing, and we are committed to growing while working remotely. We all live in different communities and, no matter how fun it sounds, we have no plans to move so we can all work in the same physical office space. (Which, by the way, would be a very cool open working space above a little rustic coffee shop called Grandpa Frank’s Basement.) Since we are not in the same office, and remote working is our jam, we did some research to make sure we are doing … [Read more...]

A Football Field… as Thanksgiving Table?

You defeat your dark when thanksgiving is your default. -Ann Voskamp

Tevin Westbrook, tight end for the University of Florida, was facing a mile deep, pitch-black sense of dark after dropping the football in what would have been a game winning play on Saturday. The Gators lost a tough one. Grown men cried and staggered out into the night. The final score wasn't the only reason people were crying. In that same game, one of Westbrook's teammates, wide receiver Latroy Pittman was carried off the field on a stretcher because he couldn't walk. The following … [Read more...]

1 in 10,000 saw it. Can you?


I have been showing this video for years as a means of illustrating the effect overstimulation has on us. I've shown it to thousands of people. No one had EVER seen *it* on first viewing... until Tuesday. Can you? Watch the video. How many passes does the team in white make? What’s funny is how, after your first viewing, you can’t not see it. Congrats, Erin! Your powers of focus and perception are beyond my understanding! … [Read more...]

Pause to be Thankful

Steve and Carolyn Rae visiting somewhere fabulous!

(Editor's note:  This past Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada.  Our Canadian correspondent, Steve Rae, and his lovely wife Carolyn were traveling in Europe as he wrote this.  Spain, Italy and France, the rewards of a business well run. Our reward? A few words of wisdom from Steve!) Here is my message plain and simple: Be thankful and appreciative for all that you have. We live wonderful lives with incredible blessings but if you don't pause and think about it and say a little thank you … [Read more...]

Our Horn Of Plenty Groweth & Bloweth

Tim Miles Will Miles Mark Dynis

Have you ever felt so blessed that it dropped to your knees? With great pleasure, I get to announce that our little firm is growing again. Deidre and I are proud to welcome Mark Dynis (pictured here with my son and me) to Miles & Company to help manage our operations department. Mark's a true pro and an even better man. Mark and his wife, Bethany, have been like family to us for more than a decade. Now, they're part of our family, and we couldn't be happier. Meet Our Team In 2015, Mark … [Read more...]

How to Make Every Day Thanksgiving


We’d like to take a moment to wish our Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving. Today is Thanksgiving, and as families across Canada gather to give thanks, we celebrate with them. You see, we’re big on giving thanks. We talk a lot about gratitude here on The Daily Blur. A lot. We really believe that gratitude changes everything. As November draws near, and with it the American Thanksgiving holiday, what will you do to bring that thankful attitude to your workplace? Keeping in … [Read more...]