Sure, media choices and placement matter. You can waste a metric ton of money if you’re not careful.

Want to ensure the highest and best use of your money? Make sure the other four foundations of The First Order of Business are sound and solid.

We’ve never seen a business fail because they reached the wrong people, but sadly, we’ve seen too many fail for saying the wrong thing, saying nothing at all, or delivering a poor experience.

Once you’re following The First Order of Business, we believe less is more when it comes to media.

Don’t enter a medium unless you can legitimately be a player in that medium. To paraphrase an old saying:

Underspending in an advertising medium is like buying an airline ticket halfway to Europe.

So, which media do you choose, and how do you legitimately become a player in each one?

Depends on the medium, and it depends on you. Contact Miles & Company today to learn how we might be able to help you join conversations that matter in your marketplace.

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As CEO and Head Custodian of Miles & Company, Tim Miles helps owner-operated companies do more with less. He's the author of Good Company: Making It, Keeping It & Being It.