About Miles & Company


We’re a family business, so as you might suspect, our families come first. Our clients know this. To become a client, you have to respect this, too.

Should you wish to hire us, too, to connect with consumers in your market through any manner of media, to speak on the subject, or to teach your team to do the same, please also recognize and respect that:

  • We like to finish the work quickly. Our clients have annual at-a-glance marketing calendars we create for them. We build in margin so at least 80% of our work together is proactive.
  • We hold the work sacred. Our clients stay with us year after year because we can quickly and clearly tell them why we make the strategic choices we make to help them grow.
  • We’re fiercely loyal. On a couple occasions, our clients’ competitors have offered us substantial sums of money to leave our client. We firmly told them to go eat paint chips.
  • We don’t solicit business. We work strictly through repeat business, referrals, and connections made through writing and speaking.
  • At 14 months, Tim and Deidre’s son Will was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He looks at the world differently, much like his old man. Will’s taught us to separate the truly important from the merely urgent.
  • As a result of Will’s changing our worldview, we now freely lend a hand to several small not-for-profits who cannot afford it. The way we look it: our time, then, is your money. While no amount of it would get us to stop, we figure you certainly have a right to know whom you’re indirectly supporting. we welcome you to contact us for a list of these organizations before we move forward.
  • We’ve spoken to groups as large as 1200 and taught workshops to as few as three.
  • And not to bury the lede, but our dirty little secret? We accept only those clients who are very good at what they do. They just need help telling their story well.

We’re paid on a business’ revenue growth — the only way for us to make more money is to grow your business. Given that, wouldn’t you want to partner with good companies, too?
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