The Back Nine: Weekend Reading for January 28th, 2012


The Back Nine are stories and videos and stuff I uncovered this week that I enjoyed and felt were worth sharing for your weekend reading. Have a great weekend!

A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts – Friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans and Papyrus.

31 Fluffy Buzzwords Marketers Overuse and Abuse – Hubspot nails them. A couple weeks ago I sat through a conference call where some 20-something digital marketing expert used the word ‘organic’ at least 27 times in 30 minutes. I could feel her air quotes through the phone.

My new problem with rap music. – “You drink beer? Enjoy your fold out couch in hell.” – Jon Acuff being awesome over at Stuff Christians Like (which has become one of my must-read blogs).

When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload – First, Michael Hyatt rocks. Second, I like his vulnerability in this piece. He’s going through this stuff right along with the rest of us. Read this. It’s really helpful.

Illinois Fighting Illini’s Meyers Leonard shoulders plenty – Truth be told, I haven’t been a big Meyers Leonard fan (though am I born-and-raised Illini fan), but this article opened my eyes to some things.

“I am a lousy copywriter” – wrote David Ogilvy. This is a great letter of his from a cool site I stumbled upon called Letters of Note.

The Habits That Crush Us – Yep. Between this from Leo and Hyatt’s article above, you may consider yourself helped.

Hunting the best pizza in America – I’m so in for this safari. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of this piece on Lonely Planet. (The picture below is my nominee – Monical’s – The Chuck Norris of Pizza)

Crispin Porter & Bogusky: How the hot ad agency fell from grace. – My partner, Steve Rae, sent me this piece from I need to write about The Clever Trap and why I quit entering award shows seven years ago …

Monicals Pizza  The Chuck Norris of Pizza

New eBook Coming Next Week

Your Customer Likes This – How To Deliver Shareworthy Service

I’ve got about 15,000 22,500 words – way more than I have had time to post here – collected in stories, emails, lessons and ways for you to implement a shareworthy service program in your organization. I’m turning it into a nice eBook with some worksheets and step-by-step instructions. I was originally going to give it away for free, but my wife and I talked about it. We’ll make it available next week to download for a donation of any amount (starting at $0.99) to Touchpoint Autism Services – the organization that first taught us to communicate with our son. We can never fully repay them, but this’ll be a little way to try to start. It’ll be available next week. Stay tuned.

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  • Dave Young

    Tim, thanks for sharing this. I’m lucky enough to get many of these in personal emails from you through our Wizard of Ads connection. It’s nice to have them archived this way! ;-)

    Michael Hyatt does indeed rock and I’ll admit to some serious schadenfreude in reading the piece on Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

    Keep on keepin’ on.